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goblins_library's Journal

The Harry Potter/Lotrips Crossover Community
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Harry Potter/Lotrips Crossover Community

Oh yez. Oh yez. For it hath cometh to pass... eth... that airgiodslv was writing Draco/Elijah and lo, she felt ashamed. And then zarah5 mentioned her Draco/Orlando fic and kraken_wakes tempted...eth them both with talk of Snape/Viggo and Dom/Sirius and they all ganged up on anatsuno who just wanted to write Dom/Elijah at Hogwarts in peace.

And so it came to pass that there would be a ficathon. And then the ficathon turned into a community and here it is.

Librarians: airgiodslv, anatsuno, kraken_wakes and zarah5

Enquiry Desk: mods.goblinslibrary[at]gmail.com